Band Conditions

13 January 2019

Local Commo History

Easy Practice

If you've been reading this blog and paying attention, you by now should have figured out what radio systems are being used by whom in your area of interest, and what receiver is needed to monitor your local agencies.

Today, take your receiver, tune it to your local PD's frequency or talkgroup, and spend the day listening to it only. Keep a notebook next to your radio, and take notes about what you hear.

If your local PD is encrypted, then do it with the county sheriff, state police/highway patrol, or local FD.

12 January 2019


I was asked a question regarding a particular species of unicorn at my last class, specifically the solution for a secure, clandestine, proprietary communications for a private group. They never go into too many details, which is due to either ignorance or OPSEC, but this isn't the first time this has happened.

My answer was this: Take the smartest kid in your group and pool your money to send him/her to the best college you can afford for an MS degree in electrical engineering/computer science. Think MIT. Now you have someone, presumably trusted, who can design your super secret, secret squirrel system for you.

The kid will also have the means to get his/her own HPJIE, and be able to provide adequately for his/her family before the TEOTWAWKI Zombie Apocalypse and Cannibalistic San Franciscan Invasion.

Hate Speech

Getting ready for the 2020 figurehead elrection campaign.

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