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12 December 2018

Watching The Skies

I was outside earlier, and heard an aircraft fly overhead. This is a normal occurrence around here because we live right on top of and next to a few air traffic lanes. How about you? Do you know where your local air traffic lanes are located, and what frequencies they use for communications? This information is important as a change in air traffic, determined by the change in communications level and tempo, may be an indicator, depending on what you're looking for.

Skyvector has online aeronautical sectional and enroute charts that will show you your local air traffic lanes and the communications frequencies used with them.  When used with ADS-B ELINT, you get a pretty interesting picture of what's going on above you.


  1. all nice info but the mothership travels at its own speed and direction. Wildflower

  2. That is a great link. I've worked next door to an airport for years and I'm a life long aviation buff. It's a civilian airport but there are a ton of military aircraft through there of every type imaginable. They were showing off the new Bombardier C-series aka Airbus A220 one day, it was like my own personal airshow watching them fly this big beast in hard banks a few hundred feet above the runway at stall speed, then they'd level out and hit the gas. Then they would fly around, do a touch and go and pull up hard like a jet fighter. My TYT TH9800+ will supposedly Rx air band but I haven't been able to figure that out yet. (I'm kind of a noob to ham radio) Wish I'd been able to listen last year when the Thunderbirds came to town, didn't have anything at the time to listen. Awesome link.