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22 December 2018

Upgrading From Your Baofeng - Ham Radio Edition


Now let's assume that everyone in your group/tribe/whatever is all on board with getting their Amateur Radio License (Technician class or better), or you're a lone wolf with your ham ticket, and you want to upgrade from that Baofeng. What's the recommendation?

My personal preference is towards Icom or Yaesu, but Kenwood and Alinco are also good brands.  Most prepper/threeper-type hams who are serious about quality gear have gotten the Yaesu FT-60.

This is a rugged proven radio that's been around for a while, and I haven't heard any complaints about them. You would do well with this radio. If you wanted to run digital voice for a little extra privacy, go with the FT-70DR.
For VHF/UHF mobile or handheld use, just about any model made by Yaesu or Icom would be a good choice. At present, an older version of this model is currently being used here as a mobile/transportable radio:
It fit just fine in a Tac-Comm carrier, and is ready to go when needed.

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