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02 December 2018

Place Your Spectrum On A War Footing

From EETimes:
DoD Places Spectrum on a War Footing
The U.S. Navy has formally elevated electronic warfare and the underlying electromagnetic spectrum to the status of a “warfighting battle space” equivalent to its sea, air, land, space, and cyber operations.
The directive approved by Thomas Modly, undersecretary of the Navy, acknowledges the growing significance of what has also become known as “spectrum warfare,” defined as the merger of conventional tools like electronic warfare with cyber operations.
On the private sector side of the house, we have this news story from one of my southern colleagues, Brushbeater, on problems with

Lest we think this is something new with, here is a similar post from a different source almost 2 years ago:

Also our old nemesis the Russkies are back at it again:
Russia suspected of jamming GPS signal in Finland

Russia jammed GPS during major NATO military exercise with US troops

Не ошибитесь товарищ. Она может быть красивой, но она тебя испортит.

With the whole world placing its spectrum on a war footing, you should too. Have you ran a band/sector search recently to keep your SIGINT skill-set up to speed? Have you paid a recent visit to the FCC General Menu Reports page to see if any new licenses became active near you? Do all your (and your buddies') radios have the same programming? Have you found and programmed in a bunch of simplex channels and tried them to make sure you can all talk to one another when the local repeater goes down? Have you set up (and tried) a PACE Plan? This is all stuff you need to do now, so you'll hopefully have your act together when the balloon goes up.

Need help? In only two weeks on December 15th, I will be hosting a free class, Intelligence Preparation of the Neighborhood (IPN), in Watertown, CT. IPN is a systematic, continuous process of analyzing the threat and environment in a specific area. It is designed to support estimates and decision making. Applying the IPN process helps you selectively apply and maximize your capabilities at critical points in time and space. This free course will provide an introduction to the IPN process, and how it applies to individuals and small groups or voluntary associations.

On the first Sunday of next month, there is the Basic Grid-Down/Down-Grid Communications, Communications Monitoring, and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Class, also in Watertown, CT. This is a one-day class that covers all the basics you need to set up your monitoring post, collect signals intelligence (SIGINT), get on the air with amateur radio and personal communications services (FRS, GMRS, MURS, CB, Part 15), and establish communications networks and interoperability with other like-minded individuals.

Those of you who do not live in the Northeast will also have opportunities to learn. A full schedule of classes across the United States has been set up for 2019.

Things are not going to get better in this country. If anything, they will continue to get worse. Now is the time to set up your communications, information collecting, and intelligence producing networks, and become proficient in their use, before it becomes too late. We have seen "outages" and "deplatforming" of alternative Internet sites, active jamming of navigational and communications networks, and small-scale civil disturbances. Now is the time to prepare while you still can.

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