Band Conditions

02 December 2018

MONEX: Pearl Harbor - 07DEC2018

MONEX: Pearl Harbor
07DEC2018 - 0000-2359 UTC

Equipment Required
SSB/CW/digital HF receiving capability from 1600-28000 KHz.

Frequency Ranges Of Interest
  • User selects frequency range(s) from Table 1, above.
  • User performs band/sector searches on selected frequency ranges for at least 1 hour during time frame specified.
  • User posts log as a comment to this post, and via email to
 All qualifying participants will be entered into a drawing for one (1) free admission to any one 2019 Class. To qualify, at least three complete log entries must be submitted.


  1. Frequency range was 1600-1800 kHz. Radio was Yaesu FT-817nd with MFJ-1899T portable vertical used indoors. Log as follows:
    Date Time(Z) kHz Mode Call Traffic Misc
    07 Dec 2018 0003Z 1800 CW Amateur CW Spillover from 1801 KHz
    07 Dec 2018 0005Z 1600 AM Broadcast Spanish male/fe voices/music
    07 Dec 2018 0009Z 1660 AM Broadcast Chinese male/fe voices
    07 Dec 2018 0012Z 1680 AM Broadcast Music
    07 Dec 2018 0012Z 1690 AM Broadcast Male voice unkn lang picketing
    07 Dec 2018 0016Z 1610 AM Broadcast Spanish Lang, m/f voices, commercials
    07 Dec 2018 0022Z 1630 AM Broadcast Very faint signal 2-3
    07 Dec 2018 0027Z 1670 AM Carrier AM carrier tone heard by using LSB/USB modes.
    07 Dec 2018 0047Z 1610 AM Broadcast Spanish language commercial and news male and female voices.
    07 Dec 2018 0051Z 1650 AM Broadcast Male voice, signal 2-3
    07 Dec 2018 0053Z 1670 AM Carrier Heard via CWR mode
    Band went dead around 0045-0100 hours Zulu time with prior signals not heard.

    End of report.

  2. Listening Location: A hotel room in Bellevue, NE
    07DEC2018 0159Z 5850 AM WRMI WRMI Station ID Weak but readable signal
    07DEC2018 0217Z 7730 AM WRMI Talk/Ministry
    07DEC2018 0243Z 1620 AM KOZN Football Titans vs Jaguars (Local AM BCST Station S10+60dB signal)
    07DEC2018 0310Z 7570 AM WRMI Talk/Ministry

  3. Another hour Monex report. Date: 20181207. Time: 0300-0400Zulu.
    Frequency range: 5060-5950 kHz. Radio: Yaesu FT-817nd with MFJ-1899T portable vertical used indoors. Log as follows:

    Date Time kHz Mode Call Traffic Misc

    20181207 0302Z 5085 AM WTWW Broadcast Xmas music Phone 833-390-5085

    20181207 0311Z 5040 AM Broadcast Spanish speakers

    20181207 0313Z 5340 USB Digital 2 tone type

    20181207 0316Z 5830 AM Broadcast Christian, interview

    20181207 0322Z 5890 AM WWCR Broadcast Christian, male host

    20181207 0324Z 5920 AM Broadcast Christian pop, then Kimberly Ann Ministries show. Station abruptly cut off the air at 0358Z.

    20181207 0329Z 5910 AM Broadcast World news, male speaker

    20181207 0335Z 5935 AM Broadcast Christian, female speaker

    20181207 0341Z 5850 AM Broadcast Male host, S2.

    20181207 0358Z 5850 AM WWCR Broadcast Christian, male preaching.

    End of report.