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24 December 2018

Information Collection and Communications Systems Training

Sparks31 returns to New England.
We are only two weeks away The Basic Grid-Down/Down-Grid Communications, Communications Monitoring, and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Class in Watertown, CT. This is my first in a whole schedule of classes for 2019, which you can view at There are still slots available for the January 6th, 2019 class, and you can enroll via for this or any other 2019 class. I have classes scheduled for Washington (state), Utah, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Virginia. Additionally, you and your organization can sponsor a class for a flat group rate. Price varies according to travel distance, but is generally around $2000. Email me via for a quote.

Matters are not getting any better in this country, and you're not going to be voting your way out of this.  As the status quo slowly declines further into dystopia, the need to prepare for the new normal will increase and become increasingly difficult. Having lived on both sides of the country, I can tell you from direct experience that no place will be immune from the effects of what's to come. One thing that you will need, as much as guns and butter, are information gathering and communications networks.

What professionals call SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) and COMINT (Communications Intelligence) is actually the science and technique of monitoring the airwaves for information. This is useful to individuals and small groups because it is a relatively easy way to remotely and safely find out what's going on in the world around you. It is also shows vulnerabilities that you should be aware of when putting together your own communications networks.

Basic Grid-Down/Down-Grid Communications, Communications Monitoring, and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Class
January 6th, 2019, 0800-1800 EST
Watertown, CT
This is a one-day class that covers all the basics you need to set up your monitoring post, collect signals intelligence (SIGINT), get on the air with amateur radio and personal communications services (FRS, GMRS, MURS, CB, Part 15), and establish communications networks and interoperability with other like-minded individuals.

Topics of instruction include the following:
  • Learning about Electronic Communications - A Primer
  • Communications Monitoring HF-to-UHF
  • Intelligence versus Information
    • Intelligence Requirements
  • SIGINT - Signals Intelligence
  • Listening Posts and SIGINT Operations
  • Communications Services
    • Amateur Radio
    • Part 95 & 15 (license-free or "license by rule" services)
  • Communications Networks
    • Interoperability - What it is, and how to make it work.
  •  Increasing System Performance
    • Antennas
  • Grid-Down versus Down-Grid Realities
  • Basic Crypto Systems and When It Is Legal to Use Them
  • Alternatives to Radio Communications
Cost for this class is $100. Please enroll via our storefront at
See you in class!

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