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16 December 2018

Indicator Frequencies

Via a suggestion from my friend "GDJ". Here is a list of common indicator frequencies. They are FCC-allocated for public safety intersystem, interoperability, or mutual-aid use. They are usually quiet until something big (involving multiple juristictions) happens. That's what makes them indicator frequencies.  Most of the time they will be analog FM, which means any old flea market special police scanner can be tasked with monitoring them.
While these are the official FCC allocated frequencies for this purpose, that doesn't necessarily mean a region will be using them. Do your research.

Indicator Frequency List

39.46 – Police Intersystem
39.48 – Fire Intersystem
45.86 – Police Intersystem
45.88 – Fire Intersystem
121.500 – Aeronautical “Guard” (AM)
154.2650 - Fire Intersystem
154.2800 - Fire Intersystem
154.2950 - Fire Intersystem
155.1600 – Search and Rescue Common
155.3400 - EMS Mutual Aid
155.4750 - Law Enforcement Mutual Aid
155.7525 - National Interoperability Calling
453.2125 – National Interoperability Calling
851.0125 – Mutual-Aid Calling

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