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24 November 2018

More Colorado Class Pictures

Back in October, I held a class in Northern Colorado on communications monitoring and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT). One of the attendees, MREDACTED, took extensive pictures of the class, which I'm sharing with you to show you what to expect if you decide to attend one.

I will do classes as long as I am able to do so, and continue to provide updates as my open source C4ISR R&D for potential CIDG, self-reliance, and preparedness hobbyists finds better and smarter ways of doing things. However, if events progress in a certain direction, this blog may find itself switching over to the Dark Web and implementing extreme vetting for access privileges. I was running my usual OSINT feed this morning, and these gems found their way into my in-box:

Those of you who want to reach the actual report can visit

The actual bill text can be read at

While I don't believe in the whole TEOTWAWKI WROL scenario as it is usually presented, I am convinced we are in an alternative that is much worse. That would be a slow decline into third-world totalitarianism that creeps up on you while your attention is diverted elsewhere. In this case, TEOTWAWKI has already occurred, but people just haven't noticed yet.

How do you prepare for something like this? One way is to set up alternative communications and information (intelligence) collection systems. I can help with that.

Those of you who missed my last class still have the opportunity to do so next year. The complete 2019 schedule is available at For those of you in the Northeast, I will be holding a class in January at Watertown, CT. Details for the Connecticut class are at

And now, the pictures from the October class:

Hallicrafters S-53 shortwave receiver, a novice station staple during the 1950s and 60s.

Arborist throw bag used for putting up wire antennas.
Throw bag in action.

Coax cable adapters.

DIY center insulator used in dipole, inverted V, and sloper antennas.

Radio direction finding in action using a yagi antenna, and then with a stock rubber duck and your body as a reflector.

One of the most valuable pictures taken: class notes.

A crystal radio set.

Using an antenna analyzer.

Wind-up antenna for portable shortwave receivers.

Reference material.

Charging batteries in the field. (GoalZero products shown.)

A very old-school lineman's butt-set that another student brought to class.

See you in class!

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