Band Conditions

18 October 2018


  • Enrollment is now closed for the SIGINT Class this weekend in Colorado. I look forward to seeing everyone!  If you missed this time, I have a full schedule lined up for next year, which you can see at
  • I'm now taking advance orders for the second edition of my book Commo at Release date will be Spring, 2019. It's shaping up to be about 50% bigger than the previous edition, with updated and all new material.
  • Meanwhile, from down in Denver I received the following news story:

    30,000 Xcel customers in east Denver lost power Tuesday due to downed transmission line

    Infrastructure gets increasingly frail each day, and it becomes increasingly important to have alternative means of getting news and information from other than mainstream establishment mass media sources.


  1. Does the battery charger connnected directly to the solar panel (assuming that it is) have to be something special to do so?

    I tried something like that once and think I damaged the charger because it would randomly cook my batteries after that.

  2. I think my last comment was suppose to go on the post above this one.

  3. The solar panel attaches directly to the battery chsrger. They are both Goal Zero products snd are designed to work together.