Band Conditions

17 September 2018

Radio Realities

  • The way things are going with the establishment media, I would not be surprised if we start seeing more accurate domestic news from China, Russia, and Cuba than we will from ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox. If you do not have a police scanner and shortwave receiver you should get one yesterday, as they will be the only way to accurately get information.
  • Your Baofeng or other Chinese-made HT will break sooner than later. You should upgrade.
  • If you are worried about EMP or a Carrington Event, you should have tube gear.
  • You don't have the capability to fix that brand new Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu, or Alinco with its surface mount technology. Get something you can fix like a Heathkit or other kit-based radio that uses solid-state discrete components and thru-hole PCB construction. I have mentioned several, and there are others.
  • Repeaters go down. Don't rely on them. Think simplex.
  • You should have more invested in test equipment and knowledge (books) than in radios.
  • All modern digital modes require computers. CW does not.

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