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18 September 2018

Knowledge Is Power - One Month To Go Until Greeley, Colorado SIGINT Class

The Communications Monitoring and SIGINT Class in Greeley, Colorado is only a month away, but there is still time to sign up. If you can't make it to this one, the schedule for 2019 has been established, and at this time only a simple $50 deposit is required.

The past couple weeks have been more interesting than usual. Hurricane Florence whipped through the Carolinas, causing massive storm damage. An over-pressurized natural gas system wreaked havoc in Lawrence and Andover, Massachusetts. An observatory and post office were closed in New Mexico, and several homes evacuated, under odd circumstances. In Alaska, NORAD intercepted Russian military aircraft flying a little too close to American airspace. Last week, Russia announced that they will be conducting war games with China.

You cannot expect to get complete information from the mainstream media. In many cases you can't even expect it to be accurate. You can, however, set up a monitoring post and collect info first hand to get a better picture of things. That's what this class teaches. 

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