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13 September 2018


So another FB post goes up on a threeper page of a few military vehicles driving down the road. The usual comments follow.

Let's put things into perspective.

During the 1992 LA riots, there were approximately 10,000 California National Guardsmen, 2,000 soldiers from the 7th Infantry Division, and 1,500 Marines from the 1st Marine Division. 13,500 troops to deal with rioting in an area of about 90 square miles. Roughly a 9.5 x 9.5 mile square. Under modern US military Tables of Organization and Equipment  (TOE), that's 3 Brigade Combat Teams (BCT).

Why is this important? Because we know how many troops it took to suppress a riot in an area that is only 90 square miles. We also know that these troops need transportation for themselves, their gear, and their provisions.

Let's take a look at a Brigade Combat Team TOE from

That's a lot of vehicles.

Multiply it times 3 to get an idea of what they used in LA.

Now those half-dozen humvees driving down the road don't seem like such a big deal, do they?

Also consider that any major deployment of assets is going to generate a lot of radio communications. Got SIGINT and COMINT?

Still though, it's nice to know people are keeping their eyes open.  So how should they report activities of potential interest?

With a SALUTE report.

S –size

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